Which Draco Malfoy are YOU?

What does the Mirror of Erised do?
I don't know, I've never come up against it.
It keeps my Master from getting what is rightfully his!
It shows the deepest desire of someone's hearts, and will usually make them depressed.
It serves as quite a...*ahem* interesting thing to have around during sex.
It's a tool that will somehow bring that far off boy a bit closer.
It shows people who they really love, serving as quite a useful plot device.
Ooo, I see a lovely wife and a lovely house where I will be forever happy and content.

What are you wearing?
Hogwarts robes.
A mask.
Does it matter? I feel naked before the universe whether I'm wearing anything or not.
Nothing. *wink*
Black trousers, cashmere sweater.
Leather pants!
A Muggle happy face tshirt, even though there is no possible way for me to get one.

What is your opinion on Voldemort?
Whatever Father says.
Fuck yes.
I am torn between my loyalties to the Malfoy family and my own desires. Oh, what to do?
Too worrisome for my one-track mind.
At first I wasn't sure, but now I know that my special magic and sexiness will help me defeat Voldemort, even though it's not my book series.
No, too evil!

What do you think about Harry Potter?
What do I care about Potty and his stupid friends?
He should be dead.
He's the root from which all of my pain grows from.
Nice body.
Think about Harry Potter?! I don't think about Harry Potter. *sweatdrop*
He's occasionally annoying, but I can put up with him on our special missions.
He's such a nice friend!

What is your biggest fear?
That Harry will beat me in Quidditch.
That my Lord won't think I'm loyal enough.
Facing the world.
Being rejected.
That my sharp wit will someday slice my tongue in half.
Being sad.

Why do you like Potions class?
It's easy, because Snape is the Head of Slytherin, and I get to throw things at the Gryffindors.
Many Dark Arts opportunities. Need I say more?
If I can just get this Draught of Dead Death working right, I can end it all.
Snape gives great head. For that matter, so does Finnigan. And Granger, and Patil, and...
He's in that class. Maybe Snape will make us partners for the next assignment, effectively moving the plot along.
The Healing Potion will help the side effects of my super-special magic.
It's fun! Like cooking!

What is your opinion on homosexuality?
*gasp* I'm not allowed to think about such things! Children are reading this!
If it involves me, I am worried about what everyone would think and if I'm comfortable with it.
Anything's game.
Yes, but it never matters to anyone that I'm gay, people are only upset about whom I love.
There are doubtful moments sometimes, but I'm pretty straight.

What do you think about during a typical Quidditch game?
Need...to get...Snitch...
Do you really think that Quidditch matters anymore?
Wondering what people would do if I threw myself off of my broom.
Broomstick. Broomstick. Hee.
Concentrate on the Snitch, not the one going after it.
Damn hard to fly in these pants.
Whee! Flying is fun!

Any special powers?
No. I am two-dimensional.
Suppose you could say that...CRUCIO!
No. *sniff*
Animal magnetism.

What are you most likely to say?
Did you see his face, the great lump?
The pain!
Oh, YES!
Why is it you that I can't get out of my head?
Something witty and clever that people make into their email signatures.
I love you, Author Original Character!

What is the thing you do most often?
Torment Potter.
Have sex.
Worry about what he feels.
Make thousands of girls fall in love with me. Or save the world. Or pet my pants.

What House do you think you should be in?
Slytherin, of course.
Slytherin. It was Voldemort's House.
I don't know! I have a very conflicting personality.
Any one of them, but I don't think I would fit in Hufflepuff. Loyal? Ha!
Slytherin, but I have no problem with inter-House relationships.
Gryffindor. Stupid Sorting Hat, I will prove how brave I am.
Gryffindor, with my new best friends! *hugs Harry and Hermione and Ron*

(Quiz made by Destiny. Code stolen from the Which Moulin Rouge Song Are You quiz, from there it was stolen from someone else from someone else from someone else, and the Circle of Life Quizzes goes on. No offense is meant by this quiz, it's just for fun. I did a Fluffy!Draco myself once.)